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  • We are a collective of creatives, strategists and developers, sharing a common love for problem solving.

    We're a mixed bag of carrots, exploring just how deep the rabbit hole goes; one ad//venture at a time.

    Neil Collins

    Founder and Director

    Irish blood, an English heart, an Australian post-code, and way too much hair product; Neil is an ex-professional rally driver with over fifteen years of international business experience, working within major agencies across some of the world's most recognisable brands. He has also held senior leadership positions at global businesses including Vodafone Australia and Fox Sports. Neil has won numerous awards for his work, whilst also finding the time to perfect his signature back-hand high-five technique. He's a self-confessed aviation geek, which is always fun when we're travelling with him. Who doesn't love to hear a running commentary of everything that a plane is doing on takeoff? Neil's passion for all things sky-bound, is only equaled by his commitment to delivering success for our clients and partners. His creative flair inspires innovative and often amusing outcomes. His ability to work a problem through to a valuable solution is the driving force behind everything we do at White Rabbit Ventures.

    Ben Tortora

    Associate Director

    Technical Advisor

    You can tell from the photo that Ben's clearly struggling to hide his Italian roots. He has a genetically- imprinted passion for football, and the self-assurance to refer to his constant coding and tinkering as the work of a "modern day renaissance man". He certainly has heart, and it's the heart of a talented programmer. Ben has led projects and developed solutions for some of Australia's finest household brand names, including the Woolworths Group and Bing Lee. After years as an Android and Windows believer, he's recently  joined the rest of us on the dark side, and acquired himself an Apple Watch. Now we can't stop him developing apps for it. If you can think of a tech problem that hasn't been solved yet, Ben's probably already working on a solution. For everything that's already been developed, you can bet he has at least six ways to improve it.

    Mike Thompson

    Operations Director

    Mike is a Master of business administration and information systems, and has the papers to prove it. With over fifteen years of management experience, specialising in business analysis, strategy development, and finance (plus more academic qualifications than most astronauts) he's generally the smartest person in a room. When he's not lecturing or finding inventive ways to improve processes for us and our clients, he can generally be found at the cinema, or lost under a pile of Blu-Ray DVDs from his ridiculously large collection. Don't worry, we're still confused by the DVD thing ourselves. We're hoping to convert him to Netflix once we manage to get his front door open. Mike claims to know every Marvel character and story arc. Feel free to test him on that.

    Robert Wilson

    Creative Director

    Robert is the art and soul of the team, literally. His creative intelligence is clear from the moment you meet him. Robert’s one of those people we all kind of wish we could be; a gifted artist, a talented musician, and sharp as a steampunk razor. He even has that rockstar look, but certainly none of the arrogance. Robert’s experience reads like a creative’s dream. He began his career as a designer for the Kiel Opera House in Germany, which led him to an opportunity to explore his love for creating atmospheric spaces, tapping into human emotions to design captivating interior experiences for Heineken, Phillips, Virgin Records, and Sony, amongst others. From the now “traditional” aspects of design, to the very cutting edge of digital production, Robert delivers work that will blow your mind, and that’s sure to inspire the best form of flattery: imitation. Oh, and we’re pretty sure he’s a time traveller.

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