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Psychedelics and Virtual Reality

On this episode we go full force into the metaverse with Enosis Therapeutics who are researching using virtual reality and psychedelics. Talk about a black mirror episode coming true!

From treating acrophobia, aerophobia, agoraphobia, and more. Psychedelics mixed with virtual reality have been shown to help with: Relaxation: using nature-based audio-visual stimuli. Buffering: Distracting person from pain.

Mindfulness: Body and environmental awareness.

Augmenting peak states: The loss of sense of space, time, connection to one’s body and even ego death.

Altered states of consciousness priming - priming for a peak psychedelic state and more. We talk about the pros and cons of using virtual reality, when it's used and when it's not recommended, who it's for and who it's not, what sorts of virtual reality stimuli are shown, the importance of set, setting, preparation, experience, and integration and more.

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